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ViRaL Infotech Solutions - IT Security, Hosting, Web Design & Development

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ViRaL Infotech Solutions is an international corporation focusing on bringing innovative and state of the art technology solutions to the market and delivering services for all our. With over a decade in business, and with a combined experience of over a century, we haven proven to be an exclusive and effective partner as we not only offer our services but consult and make recommendations each time we can help and contribute.

We take passion in every task we start and deliver the best results possible, our unique solutions for Online Technology software, security, design & development is that we want each and every project we undertake to reach it's full potential, we don't believe in a rush job or quick launch solution but prefer to perfect and launch in an optimal and efficient environment.

Our vision for the future is to bring innovative technology solutions to the market, who will make people’s lives easier in the more and more upcoming digital era.

We have a complete team of experienced professionals in the following IT areas:
Markering, UI/UX Design, Hosting & Maintenance, Software Development, Creating Web and Mobile applications, as well as specializing in Online Security services.

What We Can do For You

UI/UX Graphic Design

We have a diverse team of artists capable of delivering creative, user-friendly, clean, modern and unique solutions both in static and motion graphics. We a vast skillset ranging from branding/marketing material to full sale custom application/website onboarding walkthrough.

SEO, SMO, Marketing and Branding

We have a complete team capable of creating any online and offline marketing campaign, anything from an initial or ongoing Search Engine Optimization / Social media optimization to ranking first on the targeted keywords; we don't believe in generic or unoptimized aproaches but more in perfecting and targeting a set specific audience both by geolocation and interests to achive the best possible results while not just keeping within a set budget, but actually saving..


Our primary and main focus is on delivering the highest level of technology in all our development, we not only work above web standards, we write and deliver clean, efficient, optimized and Error Free products. We treat each client and project as our own internal work and deliver nothing short of our very best!

Complete Hosting, Maintenance & Security Solutions

We offer premium dedicated hosting, top level components and performance, our servers are always running the latest security patches/hotfixes and monitored around the clock for both real time alerts or threats by automated softwares and our IT department. We offer custom hosting solutions and recommendations to each and every client based on their requirements and budget, we believe in quality and sluggish app/web or complete portal will not please anyone!

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